SouthWoods Permaculture Design

SouthWoods Homestead and Harvest Design Series

An intensive course with direct instruction for building design skills and practices.

Large or small, our landscape is filled with possibilities. Locked in your property may be the means to sustain an abundant lifestyle for growing your food, collecting fresh rain water for drinking, and reducing your dependence on purchased resources. This series will unlock the ecological capital that abounds within your yard, fields, or the neighborhood that surrounds you. It will give you the skills and foresight needed to assess, concept and design your property into a perpetual harvest garden and low input living system.  Learn ecological landscape design language and technique while using the permaculture design process to create a ecologically balanced residence and abundant lifestyle. Small intensive design classes are limited to 12 tables. Register early.  Classes will be held  at SouthWoods in Prior Lake, MN. See details below. Any class can be taken individually, however the Homestead Design series is a progressive learning format building from all sessions.

The Assessment workshop and Homestead Design Series will culminate with each participant completing a personal homestead design ready for implementation. Make sure you keep time available outside of class to complete the assignments.

Instructor: Daniel Halsey, Designer and Teacher of
SouthWoods Center for Permaculture Design

Classes 1- 4 are 3 hour lectures, demonstrations, and practice sessions with extensive homework assignments (4-5 hrs)
Class 5 is a final design workshop finishing the concepts with plants, materials, and final critique.



A free Pre-Series Evening Event. Ecological Design: Natures Beauty and Abundance.
Day 1   Homestead Design I: Base Plan and Homestead Site Assessment  (UD1)    
Day 2   Homestead Design II: Permaculture Concepts for the Sustained Homestead (UD2) 
Day 3   Homestead Design III: The Design Progression  (UD3)  
Day 4   Homestead Design IV: Concept and Draft Design Workshop (UD4)
Day 5   Homestead Design V: Final Design and Supervised Work Session (UD5) 

Call SouthWoods for sponsoring a series at your location.  612-720-5001  

Homestead Design 1: Base Plan and Residential Site Assessment (UD1)
Overview- Paper Language, Bubble Maps, Concept, Draft, Final Draft, Final Design
Assignment - Homestead Base Mapping Measurements Demonstration: Site Assessment and Base Mapping 

Homestead Design 2: Permaculture Concepts for the Homestead (UD2)
Classroom Pencil Practice: Tools, Landscape Symbols, Complete Your Base Map, and using Bum Wad. Assignment - Finish base map and start bubble maps. Demonstration: Access, Water Works, & Homesead Resources

Homestead Design 3: The Design Progression - Hardscapes, Uses, Access, Plant Patches (UD3)
Classroom Pencil Practice: Refining the concepts, allowing natures energy flow to enhance soil fertility and  - Transfer bubble concepts to draft Design.  Demonstration: Systems Thinking and Design

Homestead Design 4: Draft Design Workshop - Spaces, Plants and Abundance (UD4)

Style Demo, Practice and Supervised Work Session. Determining plant size and placement, polycultures, ecological functions and seasonal access. Assignment - Complete draft design Demonstration: Polyculture Design, Ecological Facilitation, Resource Partitioning

Homestead Design 5: Final Design Process and Supervised Work Session (UD5)

The final steps to a sustainable design: Plant Selection, Ground Covers, Material Calculations, Implementation Notes and Logistics Demonstration: Plant Database Queries and Internet Resources Urban Design student materials list is provided below; some items will need to be purchased at a specialty art or office supply store. Design kits may be rented during the course.


Materials List T-square 36”, Drafting tape,  Triangles: 45-90 degree & 30-60 degreeScissors Compass, Drafting pencils – HB, B, 2H, 4H8 Scale Ruler, Large and Small circle templates, Tube for carrying drawings, 8-scale graph paper; sheet size 24” x 36” (approx. 4 sheets), 24'x36' vellum paper , -2 sheets Bum wad paper, Glue stick or double-stick tape, Eraser, Black ink pens – minimum of 3 tips: narrow, medium, bold  (This is included in the rental fee).

When:  Five consecutive Tuesday, Thursday evenings, and Saturday morning sessions           
Where: SouthWoods Forest Gardens, 17766 Langford Blvd, Prior Lake, MN 55372

Limited tables so design classes are limited to 12 people.

Cost: Homestead Design Series (UD1-5) per person per table.  (Equip. rental $40.00)

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Call for further details on services and courses:  -    612-720-5001