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United Designers Design Templates and Plant Symbol Libraries

SouthWoods Design Libraries are used to help you standardize your design process in Adobe IllustratorTM.

Consistent and clean design will reduce fatigue and your design tasks and help create an easily read presentation. The scale symbols are simple and easy to read and may be modified once placed on the design (if necessary) All symbols are scaled to 1:20 or 1 inch equals 20 feet. Getting all your artwork and this standard scale will speed up your design process. The final artwork is later resized in your "title block" file (see the associated video "Working in a Standardized Scale").

United Designers AI Symbol Library Subscription Service

  1. Large Trees (over 30')
  2. Small Trees
  3. Shrubs
  4. Perennials
  5. Temperate Climate Polycultures
  6. Tropical Plant Polycultures
  7. Terrace Polycultures

Each file contains plant symbols by species, blank symbols for additional plants, and an annotated listing within the symbol menu.

Designers using the Natural Capital Plant Database can request unlisted symbols for their projects. The Library is a living document with new symbols being added all the time. Subscribers can update their library when new symbols are uploaded.     Join the co-op of partner designers and benfit from team design. We are a growing resource for all designers to work togetheras we each develop better skils from doing work faster and with more portfolio examples too. See UnitedDesigner.org for more information. 

Subscribing and Membership

There are two options.

  1. A subscription to the Symbols and Templates

      This provides access to all the updated symbols, templates, and icons for your Adobe Illustrator Design. Also included are title blocks, polyculture building templates, and sample art.

  2. A membership as a United Designer.

     Support team design and benefit from expert consultation. Skype design sessions. Partners for design projects. Confidence and expertise that follows you on every design and installation.


Subscriber Options


SouthWoods Design Series Site Assessment Workbook

This is a 40 page guide and design series companion workbook for site and personal assessment.It asks the questions and helps you get organized for finding, designing, and developing a sustainable and productive permaculture homestead.

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The Natural Capital plant database created for designers by designers. It provides plant lists formatted for your design process, selections for your environmental conditons, and detail pages for your land portfolio.  Select the level of access you prefer below. All plant data is free to peruse, search and spreadsheet services are fee based.