Daniel Halsey 

   Permaculture, & Ecological Restoration Designer

Building natural capital and biodiversity,

while raising the carrying capacity of the planet,

A Modern Approach to Ecosystem Revitalization

Discover the difference Southwoods Ecosystems can make in your private or commercial property. When development, environment changes, or natural wear and tear have rendered an ecosystem unlivable, our knowledgeable staff steps in to help it rejuvenate. We specialize in ecological and economic restoration, and we strive to imitate natural processes that lead your property towards stability and resilience.

In essence, we hope to share our knowledge of sustainable, functional, and intuitive land development with clients throughout the country and beyond. Let us show you how you can transform an area with our personalized ecosystem revitalization services.

Making Properties Livable

It takes centuries for ecosystems to grow and become fully realized. That’s why it’s important to understand that not all the conditions that made a particular ecosystem what it was may exist today. However, Southwoods Ecosystems’s role in the ecosystem revitalization process is to encourage ecosystems along a particular trajectory—one that results in a more developed and healthy area.

Over our many years in the industry, we’ve undertaken a number of revitalization projects both in and outside the United States. Rather than seeking to recover an area by sheer force of manpower, we approach revitalization as the act of increasing natural capital. By imitating natural processes and patterns, we can help stabilize an ecosystem over time without forcefully changing it.


Why Choose Us?

When it comes to ecological and economic restoration, Southwoods Ecosystems is your trusted partner. From private food forests to commercial developments, founder Daniel Halsey brings decades of permaculture and eco-system design experience to each project we undertake. With our knowledge, resources, and strategies on your side, it’s easy to transform any site into a resilient, productive space.

Reach out today to find out more about our ecosystem design services and learn what we might recommend for your particular project. All sites we design are client-specific and tailored to your personal needs, so don’t hesitate to bring up your goals (and dreams) with our team. Not only that, we strive to incorporate as much of your property’s existing ecology as possible.

Contact our staff to request more information about our approach to ecosystem revitalization.