SouthWoods Forest Gardens and Design

 Permaculture Design and Education for Residential, Homestead and Broad Acre Living

Building Capacity in Soil, Water and Plant Systems for Families, Neighborhoods, and Community.


Demonstrations, Conversation, and the book launch for Integrated Forest Gardens

SouthWoods is located in the Spring Lake watershed and is a rich fertile island surrounded by wetlands. The permaculture principals are an integral part of every system at SouthWoods. They guide the decisions,  enrich the soil , conserve and collect natural resources, build flora and fauna diversityy, and ensure the sustained capacity of the residents.  SouthWoods is a living lab of design, plant systems and research. SouthWoods' PRI/Australia certified instructors teach the accredited Mollison PDC curriculum. Graduates earn the PRI/AU PDC certificate and are internationally registered and recognized. SouthWoods is the home of the non-profit PRI/USA, the fiscal agent and adviser for PRI master plan sites in the United States.





In 2006 during the summer solstice, Geoff and Nadia Lawton of PRI Australia visited our homestead for a workshop for PRI/Cold Climate. More images can be seen at the 2006 blog (contact us page). Geoff helped us refine the berm and swale design. Nadia introduced us to some of our native plants that also grow in Jordan.  Back for a visit in 2014, Geoff, Nadia, and family visited SouthWoods and six other sites in the USA to film cold climate startegies.  We also celebtated ten years of permaculture at SouthWoods with an all day open house and book launch party for IFG.

  Available July 29th:  Integrated Forest Gardening (Click here)

   The Complete Guide to Polycultures and Plant Guilds in Permaculture Systems

"Integrated Forest Gardening fills a major gap in the canon of permaculture books, giving us, at last, a detailed guide to guild and polyculture design. No longer is this subject mysterious and daunting; in this book we now have specific instructions for designing and installing multi-species plant groups. Chapter 7, which describes 15 guilds and their plant members, is a golden nugget worth the price of the book alone. This is an essential book for all food foresters and ecological designers."
—Toby Hemenway, Author of Gaia's Garden: A Guide to Home-Scale Permaculture



Look for Dan at these conferences

Minnesota Elderberry Festival

August 22-23, 2014, 8:00am - 5:00pm    At Natura Farms   9060 Manning Trail N. Marine on St. Croix, MN 55047

NAPC-Aug. 29-31, Harmony Park, MN

ACRES-Dec. 3-6, Cleveland, Ohio

MNLA- Jan. 14-16, Minneapolis, MN

MOSES- Feb. 26-28, Lacrosse, WI





 Accredited Permaculture Design Education


   Introduction to Permaculture  plus optional PDC in four 2015 Weekends

   (PDC M1) Sept. 19PM, 20-21   or   Feb. 6,7-8   or   May 1,2-3

   2015 PDC Flex Modules: WK2 6/20-21, WK3 8/15-16, WK4 10/17-18, WK5 12/5-6

 Permaculture Design Certification Courses

PRI SouthWoods, USA                           May 8-18, or July 11-21, or Sept 12-22, 2015

PRI Quijote, Costa Rica                          February 2015  Wet Tropics

PRI Tap o' Noth, Scotland                       May 2015  Cold Climate

PRI/USA World Biomes PDC                 Summer 2015

Specialty Courses

         Design Your Landscape Series                   Sept.6,13,27, Oct.4,11 (AM)

         Digital Design Training Series (Adobe Illustr.) Sept.6,13,27, Oct.4,11 (PM) 

         Advanced Permaculture Design                  Oct.19-25

         Professional Permaculture                          Oct. 27-31 

         Integrated Forest Gardening, Building a Forest Garden

                      September 19, November 5 (Illinois), 2014  and  Jan.16/2015

         Integrated Forest Gardening, Your Backyard Orchard

                      September 20-21, 2014  and  Jan.17-18/2015


Check the Education Page above for more details.


Professional Design Residency  Applications being accepted for four to six week residencies.

Call for further details on services and courses:  -    612-720-5001